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Album: No Redemption
Peter Joseph Acoustic




Singer/Songwriter (Male)


An original acoustic piece by Peter Kuhn (Peter Joseph Acoustic) From Boston.

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Troubled times and Troub le minds lifes regrets and the constant grinds dont forget that well all be fine dont let life go passin by we dont need no news for inspiration the killing the hating the stealing it al complicates us whos right and whos wrong cant we all get along for elations but in the end its the same they keep playin these games of damnation but i wont let this life go passin by instead ill put my smile on instead ill shine till the break of dawn instead ill make my presence known I only got 1 life and i was born to grow i seen destruction, corrpution, dysfunction take over the nation like swine fight for feet you know how this greed over takes us to assume were all doomed were all free to seek elevation take flight with our third eyes brushed high on the trees of salvation i wont let this life go passin by chorus wake up in the morning got my feet up on the rise Rollin out the house take a walk under the blue skies over comin the motions so much beauty for my eyes lovin this life why cant we appreciate the simple city around take a hold of every moment so much beauty to be found instead of chasing material wealth until we hit the ground, we must realize we have the power to explore we have the power to open doors but we have the power to ignore the beauty in life i dont care what people say i choose not to walk that way i was born to live, born to grow, born to love , born to flow im doin it right. i wont let this life go passin by.

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