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Blink of an Eye

Album: Game Night
Corrin Campbell & the Election






take it for granted, i dare you, i dare you everything you think and feel will be different in the morning soak it up, that's what i've been here for - i hate to say it. no wait, i don't you're living in fantasies, endless illusion that i won't feed anymore i have become an ever-protesting enabler time for it all to crash on down in the blink of an eye it'll be over you won't know what hit you, won't know what to do in the blink of an eye you'll be all alone driving all your allies to insanity, i'm telling you now your trickles of give won't balance the wealth of taking you'll have used us all up, you'll be all alone in the blink of an eye ask me why i haven't dared to say it before do i sound a little angry? i never could get in a word my world, it's somehow centered on you: your needs, your dreams, your anguish - i can't take it anymore PRE-CHORUS CHORUS can you really blame me? it's you who said you hated me hated me for being what you CAN'T BE it doesn't matter if it was just a whim, it doesn't matter if you don't mean it, i mean it now when i walk away CHORUS

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