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Blueprint (feat. Ansley Allen)







The church is the hope of the world, be it. This was such a fun song to write (and also a super hard song to write). Blueprint is about believing in the church while being honest about ways we can better show the world the Gospel. Blueprint is a reference to the fact that even when the buildings fall (and they will) the mission of the church can't. And won't.

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Verse 1 - Mike First off, everybody on a mission Can I get a witness I know people see the misses And think we're finished But we've got people talking loud/ walking round/talking down/Twitter arguments surround/need to love different (Yeah) I hope you understand the truth isn't- The truth isn't an excuse/for abuse, listen. Got in the booth and I'm kind of confused Because we preach love then we don't want to choose But I want to take the time out To everybody in a hole trying to climb out Man, we've all been in one Regardless of race gender or income And he sent his son But man I've been done W the church for a while now Then I think back, how would I have found out? Good news/message was preached And we was two kids that it happened to reach so hey. Chorus Even if it falls down You will never tear these walls down Even if it falls down You will never tear these walls down You keep the, you keep the blueprint I want you, I want you to know this a movement Verse 2- Caleb It was always a perfect plan with imperfect people Unfortunately all this hate linked to the pews and steeples I’m kinda done trying to walk on all these pins and needles I’m kinda done associating with these Twitter preachers Hymns of hope ring loud, I got no need for features I got no need for bleachers, I got no need for all of y’all trying to bleed us It’s YND, you gotta know That we’re not keeping secrets It’s more than just the weekend Chorus Verse 3 - Mike Snap with me Clap with me Everybody in the back sitting Don’t watch/rap with me Rhapsody That’s getting closer Love like we’re supposed to We've screwed up But the church is the hope still I understand your hesitation to the invitation I understand our limitations and the expectations I understand how you could look away Man, I got days when I get so frustrated I can hardly take it but I'm staying Chorus

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