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Your Every Move

Album: The Great Unknown
Sincerely Iris






Written by Todd Murray This song was recorded in my closet in Savannah, GA. James Lee Smith plays lead guitar. This song is about actresses of a certain ilk. Paris Hilton comes to mind. The first lyric of the song kind of explains it all. I think you know what I mean.

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Your Every Move In the backseat of a black car You became what you still are You have made it, made it so far Your plastic face is breaking hearts Chorus You can count on me and I can count on you to use me up totally I know your every move You'll be famous, maybe a star Name in lights like film noir Taking pictures, taking names All those late nights and all those games So, so vain Chorus When you were young you wanted badly to be a starlet on the screen When you were young you wanted badly to be a star upon the screen But now those dreams they aren't so pure huh? Can't even see them anymore huh? You show your skin for just a piece of it. Fame is a game that everybody seems to want to win

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