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Album: Forever (single)
Marty DeLay






About the way things changes in life and how we respond to its ways.

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Forever Dedicated to Therese Music and lyrics by Marty DeLay Intro Verse 1: I said so many times That You are everything Words told to deaf ears Why can't You see Bridge 1: I tried calling, I tried it all Wounded inside, tears are falling Your spirit that always made me smile Suddenly isn't there anymore Verse 2: I feel so helpless I can't make it better Why do I always loose And nothing last forever Chorus 1: I want You here Forever And to never see You leave You've got everything I need And I need You to breathe I 'll be here Forever I'll never leave You behind Standing here Forever Always on Your mind Verse 3: I know You say differently I know this all too well You said You're always there Is it me or don't You care Bridge 2: I'm nothing without You So happy I found You How come we've lost it all How can this all be true Is it just imagination I can't see this through Chorus 2: Do You want me Forever And to never see me leave Have I got all You need And what You need to breathe Will You be here Forever And never leave me behind Will You be here Forever Always on my mind Solo: Fill: Words, trust and I know there's more We had more than some people ever find Give me back the one I used to know Because now I'd rather be blind Bridge 3: Not one can ever take Your place There's something special about You Shall I keep trying or wait for You Help me, I don't know what to do Bridge 4: Like a river and the streams it makes You're heading upwards and I'm heading down Can't follow You on this road ahead Without You I'd rather be dead Chorus 3: Do we want Forever To never see Us leave We got everything We need And what We need to breathe We will be Forever Never leave Ourselves behind We'll be here Forever Forever on each other's mind We will be Forever Never leave Ourselves behind We'll be here Forever Forever on each other's mind

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