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Making Motions




Modern Rock


Making Motions is a song of manipulation and locating oneself when others are trying to interfere.

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Oh I can not be here I can't think of anything It will make you wonder What I'm doing here But oh, how the poison is in the air And I find the stars hypnotic It's not fair how much we must ignore But I'll try to make as much from The light captured by my eyes It's not fair but I'll try to pull myself from This place Never want to be here Never want to go there And I know you think it But I know you, know you, know you won't ever give in It's just an illusion It's not fair And this plane was just made for you to play in It's not fair Never want to be here Never want to go there Oh yeah, oh And it's all just illusion It's not fair In this plane Making motions Oh illusion Making motions It's not fair

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