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Dance Floor

Album: EP
Jordan Tolentino






A little jam to skank too.

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Verse 1: I see you comin' 'round checkin' my way, I said, "well baby, what a better way to do. Come on" I like the way that you groove to the music on the dance floor so free. Movin' your hips like, oh around like a carousel. It's time to let the music take control and free you body and soul. Fly away Bridge: Leave your worries at the door They'll be right back where you left them on the floor I got the rhythm, I've got the rhythm What do ya say? Chorus: I've got this feeling on the dance floor something I live for. are you ready for the groove? Come on skank it with me. Get lost in the moment, forget about time and all the clutter in your mind. Verse 2: I'd like the keep this vibe just right and dim the lights on the stage so I can feel it in the air. Come on Get lost in a transcendental movement Experience a sound so soothing With you brown hair waves across your shoulders as the music takes you over.

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