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Guess It's My Bad

Album: Sass!!
Joe "Pops" Bredow




R & B / Soul


Pure Classic Funk with a new social media twist. So turn on the Lava lites and dig out the platform shoes! On My new EP Sass!!

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Guess It's My Bad I saw you trashed me on the net (tell me) Did it make you feel cool (huh) Posting it to all your friends saying that I was just a fool So tell me what was I suppose to say? What was I suppose to do? Just sit there and take it on the chin Well I'm not playing by your rules Did ya think I'd just stay quite? Did ya think I'd never tell? Did ya think you had a hold on me? Well welcome to my Hell My Bad.. I let the real story slip My Bad.. about the things that you did My the worlds gonna see My Bad..your not who you seem to be You asked me not to tell 'Cause your afraid what everyone would say So I crossed my heart and I promised you But I never thought you'd treat me that way So tell me why'd say those things? What did I ever do? Did you really think so little of me? Did I ever treat you that cruel? Well you can text it all you want And you can write it on your blurb And you can tweet around the world How I kicked you to the curb My Bad..I let the whole story slip My Bad..about the things that ya did My the whole worlds gonna know My Bad..guess you reap what you sow you thought that you were so smart with all the things you said behind my back acting so nice whenever I was around and all the time just talkin' smack So now you get to know how it feels when things don't go your way I was born on a Tuesday but it wasn't yesterday So tell me Have you been reading what they're posting on the web How the story's going viral and it's just gonna spread Have you been looking at your email and all the spams that ya get Well you better change your passwords 'cause it aint over yet My what can I say My Bad..guess it slipped out some way My Bad..ya thought I'd never tell My Bad..well it's out so what the hell So what do you want me to do? What do you want me to say? 'Cause I heard once it's on the web You can never take it away I guess it's My Bad

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