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The Djabidi Sessions - Chief Big Joe Plays - 'Hammer'.


Traditional Country / Roots


The Djabidi Sessions - Chief Big Joe Plays - 'Hammer'.

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‘HAMMER’………(lyrics of one of my new songs – country folklore!). Verse: One sunny dayOld fox set on his wayIt was a happy dayChopping every woodHe said I will build my houseDown the neighbourhoodWill you help me rat and mouseHe called all his friendsTo come to his aidBusy were all endsSo he worked and said Add – lips:Good sounding melodyGood sound singing beeI’ve learnt,I am bentTo get my goal by graceWith this hammer I do breakEvery disturbing mouldCome summer in the makePlentyfold in place Chorus:Hammertime,it’s time to hammer up(Uncle Tee!)I am ready for the victorious timeHallelujah!Hammertime,it’s time to hammer down(Sweetie-Pie!)I am steady for the glorious prime Bridge:It was funny to see bear-rabbitTo see bear-rabbit and the squirrelsNowhere to be found,nowhere to be foundIn his earnest needBut they were so so ready,they were so so steadyFor the merry of his barrelsAnd a fill of the party-pies,of the party-piesIn the warmth of his stead Call-in: So he said and I heard! Add-lips:Sweet sounding melodySweet sound singing beeI learnt and I bentAnd got my goal by graceWith this hammer I did breakEvery disturbing mouldNow summer in the makePlentyfold in place Chorus:Summertime it’s time to summer up(Uncle Tee!)I am ready for this victorious timeHallelujah!Summertime it’s time to summer down(Sweetie-Pie!)I am steady for this glorious prime. P.S:Be on the lookout for the demo song video soon……….. Footnote: “Often times the pen is mightier than the sword so use yours wisely and get a great reward”. – Big Joe. “Don’t be a fool,go to school.My dad was wise and I did likewise”. – Big Joe.

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