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Album: Disarray
Earl Kayoss




jason ringernberg on accompanying vocals, thanx for listening. - earl

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Horses by Earl Kayoss there’s peace in this valley where i belong this here’s the crossroads in johnson’s song just over yonder… mile down this road lives a girl named mary… with a heart of gold i been down this way i been down this way lost my freedom what’s done is done shot a man from dallas with my father’s gun with burning bible, he torched my barn the screams of the horses goes on and on even to this day… even to this day. the priest thanks the warden and he says, “son, don’t you worry, i’ve seen this done… thousands of angels take you home… follow your horses down this winding road.” i been down this way… i been down this way… …before. (c) by earl kayoss vindictive cat ltd. ascap

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