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Spreading Fire

Album: HiFi Sound (unreleased)




Alt. Rock


Hypnotic Rock from upcoming release by AppleSpaceBar

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Spreading Fire You look her way and she stares right back at you. You know what you need to do ... let them call you a fool. We all know wheres this goes bet your gonna let it take you .. Nice and slow. yeahhhh Chorus The worlds been coming on like a spreading fire. Its getting way of all your desires. So here we go again, go again, go again. v2 Your priveleged youth entittled you to everything you could not lose. But she's something you cannot buy. Now finally you feel alive. yes you might stumble on your words man, I'll be damned you came right up to her and, had something to say, but this life got in the way. rpt chorus v3 She put her hand in yours, but somehow you lost your nerve. So you watch it all ... just burn away. rpt chorus

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