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Album: Songs You Might Like






This songs soars ... Acoustic guitar blending with a great harmony vocal. Enjoy.

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HOPE Can’t you see my wheels turning Dont you feel my wish burning inside of me. Yes my hope is big enough, but will my dreams keep up with all theres left to do. We're makin it better than before yes we want something more'll see. We know this is gonna hurt so we better make this work cause I think I'm gonna be here a while every thought in my mind I will take it as a sign that I’m supposed to do what i'm suposed to do. Every move I make ..I'm just gonna take , just what I need and nothing more. We're makin it better than before Yes we want something'll see. This Hope ... This Dream ... consumes you ...consumes me This Day We show, what we're made of What we know....Every day that we got left ..Every minute every test gonna give it all to you .... Every moment every breath ..everything we got left gonna give it all to you Gonna give it all to you...Every moment ...every Breath... Can’t you see my wheels Turning.

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