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Ups and Downs

Album: Downs and Ups
Jaclyn Falk






Single off of the brand new Downs and Ups full length (release date: 12/10/11). This song was also featured on the All We Got! - Vol. 1 Compilation.

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If you just opened up I'm sure we'd find it. A look around we'd have the answers to our questions. Sew you back up nice and tight, send you on your way. (You're not a robot, I promise you're not). So when you look around you can be sure that you'll have a set path and not just wander around our world! What are you running from, darling what you running from? So here we are again I know we'll find it. 4th time's a charm at least I hope cause I can't take it. Sew me back up nice and tight and send me on my way. (You're not a robot, I promise you're not). Don't let me turn around, this time I'm sure that, there is no set path, You're heart just guides you around your world. Don't lose yourself girl. Don't let your life pass you by. You got your eye on the prize, you feel your heart beat. You're in control.

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