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In The Sun

Album: Champagne
The Shams Band




Funk/Groove & Soul Rock


In the Sun - Paul Gulyas I'm a guy who don't need much to be satisfied just pour me a cup and i'll be all right, But you know your love's been pushing my desire I believe that you should not want those things you don't need But here I am again and I'm down on my knees And only your kiss can bring me some relief Cause I know you seen it baby It's in the sun Light shining through our doors and our windows come on and open up, you need to open up People say, that love don't exist in these crazy days But you know I think they all must be insane, they're looking at life through their dirty little window panes We could be so happy if you'd just see like I see that love is a weapon and we'll fight to be free From all who defend that hateful tyranny Cause I know you seen it, baby It's in the sun light shining through our doors and our windows, Come on and open up. You need to open up

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