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"No Suckaz Allowed" (Prod by Jon Jackson)

Album: Brown Bag Special Volume 2
Ty Bru




Ty Bru's Lyrics (Verse 3) "It's the 40 ounce guzzler, pull rugs from under ya The phillie blunts that we smoke is staying sunnier That's word to DeVito, my credo is get my money up Run ya stuff, lil fucker, or get tummy tucked The Razors Edge to ya head get ya Thunderstruck Dumping you schmucks for under a hundred bucks Yo, it's such a rush, the sound of when something cuts An insatiable fixation on blood and guts Yo, Im fucking nuts, I warned yall to buckle up You aint listen, now your mouth getting knuckle fucked What the fuck is up? cats flipping and itching for ass kissing, snakes hissing, so pucker up Cause your luck is up, son trying run from us Getting run over by the front of a truck or bus Been dirty handed, so I aint making nothing up Sadat & Brown Bag, get down or fucking duck"

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