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Chipper byThomas Young

Album: NA
Thomas Young






This is a true story about our daughter and her new best friend whom she just got from a couple of real nice people !

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Chipper ( G-E ) She was a wee bit challenged,don't you know, And she was given a hard time,where ever she'd go, She spent most of her life,getting picked on, I don't know how she took that,she could have been gone, This kind of treatment was hard to watch,every day, We wanted to make it right,but what could we say, When you grow up,your life will turn around, But sometimes this problem,would just compound, But then one day,when she was all alone, A very nice young couple,came right into her zone, And they had brought,a nice surprise for her, A cute little four legged friend,they called Chipper, Chorus Well this little guy,could make her dreams come true, This could be the best thing,for those two, He might be the best friend,she never had, With the exception,of her Mom and Dad, Bridge Well,we all need a reason,to get up, That's what she would get,from that little pup, They would get outside,and go for a walk, And they would meet new people,just to have a talk, Now the both of them,are getting their exercise, And they forgot their troubles,it was in their eye's, And they would be together,all day and all night, And they would be best friends,just for spite, Well,it took a long time,but now everything is alright, It seems like a lifetime,they had to fight, Yes,the two of them together,now they're,out of site, And they will love each other,with all their might ! Chorus !

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