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Hurry Up and Wait

Album: TBA
Sidecar Agogo




Jam Bands


It's been too long since we recorded some new tracks! This song is dedicated to some good friends, a nostalgic look back.

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Gotta soundcheck at 5 so don’t be late put the pedal to the floor with a smoker’s cough Scotch Hank tells tall tales about the girls he never met back is creakin like old Man Marinara crankin down the road at 80 miles so we can hurry up and wait So you leave a little cushion so you won’t be late but there’s a jackknifed trailer in the eastbound lane and everybody’s watchin and a starin’ so have yourself a puff cause you have the time ain’t no use in asking why why they make you hurry up and wait The lights are on but no ones home different place but the same sideshow so Captain help yourself to the deli platter and have yourself a little nip from the flask your with the best of company so just relax gotta make the most of the hurry up and wait

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