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Taking It Slow

Album: Feigning Composure
Leah Finkelstein




Singer/Songwriter (Female)


Leah song 'Taking it Slow' was just awarded best singer/songwriter through an original song competition at the 2011 Malibu Music Awards. Her work has coined a new genre, American Roots Soul.

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TAKING IT SLOW Music & lyrics by Leah Finkelstein INTRO: ¾ time, x=beat [E x x] [E x x] [E x x] [A A A] repeat VERSE I: (E A, same pattern as intro) NC E A A A E A A A E A A A E Softly spoken, I tried to retain -- a--ll that's given, though some got away ~E B A E B A E, E, E, A A A, E, E, E Back to the time when I said good-bye, remember how we all cried NC E A A A E A A A E A A A E It was feeling I have to admit – one or the other, however you see it ~E B A E B A E I just can't find a way to breathe, wondering how to find some ease F#/open E A/open E F#/open E A/open E But ooh, so you know, and oh, so I know CHORUS: NC C#- G# A B C#- G# A I've taken my time 'cause I've got all day, no matter what they say NC C#- G# A B C#- G# A A- And when it's defined, I'll sure let you know, 'cause I'm taking it, taking it slow...... NC E (back to the intro) So slow VERSE II: NC E A A A E A A A E A A A E Once upon a time way back when, a Queen of options, a kingdom of friends B A E B A E oh what a twist and turn it's been, if I only knew it then F#-/open E A/open E F#-/open E A/open E but oh now I know, and oh now you know CHORUS (same as 1st) NC E (like the intro) so slow, so slow, so slow....

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