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Album: Your Last War
Heather Green






<v1> I swear this ocean's a desert <v2> I traded all of my passion I swear this land is a lake I traded all of my cash You sent the devil to heaven She was a borderline woman With deals to make She ain't ever comin' back CHORUS: So maybe, maybe I am You said Maybe all I need You said I'm crazy Is some salvation But I say you made me So c'mon and save me And now the sun's going down You promised love of a sparrow In a weird shade of green You promised love of a dove And a red blood moon But the devil can’t give Is rising up behind me What he ain’t got nothin’ of CHORUS Sometimes I miss you like home I spread wide open my chest A home I'll never get back And I let you inside You left your daughters alone But all you did was exploit And your sons with no dad What I gave with my life CHORUS (x2 – then choir (x2) call & answer)

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