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Lesson Hard

Album: George Skala And The Great Americans
George Skala And The Great Americans




Traditional Country / Roots


Lesson Hard, Skala (2012) I’ve been down on the floor since she walked right out the door Mister pour another whiskey, ease my pain I was running with the pack, all I did was turn my back, and she ran off with my best friend, Jim McCain I looked all over town they was nowhere to be found and I felt that anger boiling deep inside I asked everyone and their brother where that little Marshall Tucker might have gone to He can run but he can’t hide Vowed that I’d find them didn’t know what I would do I was capable of anything if you want to know the truth I took the kids to Grandma Jo’s, kissed them both upon the nose I told them that their momma goed away I could see it in their eyes, yeah they was both realizing that everything would never be the same I took the gun under the bed, filled the chamber full of led and I held they heavy metal in my coat And I swear as I am standing here, I want to make it very clear I’m going to chase that rabbit down his hole But I’ll have the decency to let him beg and plead before I fire, that dirty liar Tell me what kind of a friend takes your best girl by the hand and leads her down temptation boulevard? Well I won’t be second-guessing when I teach that boy a lesson He probably going to learn that lesson hard (Re-intro) It’s been ten years to the day since their momma goed away, I still tell them that she’s living on a farm And as far as my friend Jim, well what’s become of him He probably hasn’t gotten very far, yeah he’s probably living somewhere in his car Swimming with the fishes in the dark, lesson hard

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