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If I Told You

Album: No Black No White Just Bluez
Da Bluez Preacher






A love song to my wife

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If I told you that I love you Verse 1: If I told you that I love you could you see it in my face And if I told you that I need you could you tell by my embrace I'd walk miles and miles of Highway just to prove this all you see But you tell me all you need tonight is me Bridge: Can I take this quiet moment to say I'll take your world upon my shoulders today Chorus: If I tell you that I love you would you see and if I told you that I need you just to be Everything that I've been looking for everything that is worth fighting for everything I worship and adore is you Verse 2: And if I told you that I'm weak tonight when you're looking back at me I see an angel in Plainview tonight I want to tell her all I see I cry baby baby be tonight everything that I can't be I am taking all that's good tonight with me (bridge then chorus)

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