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Miss You

Album: When Mountains Shake EP
Tommy Renfro






They say time heals all wounds But everyday I miss you A little more than I thought I would A little more than I thought I could Oh I miss you I know you're walkin' on streets of pure gold Tellin' those stories that I've been told A hundred times, a thousand times, a million times before But everyday, I wanna hear one more Oh, I miss you yeah, I miss you But I hear your voice, everyday Reminding me to not lose faith To keep my eyes on joy, hope, and love And when waters rise, and MOUNTAINS SHAKE And everything else just fades away You're with me everyday I look in the mirror And see you in me Pray I'm the man, you hoped I'd be I wish you could laugh with my beautiful wife And smile at the joy that she brings to my life Oh, I miss you

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