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My Name Is Love


Indie Rock


this video is made up entirely of still shots including some animation... it is the official "unofficial" video for "My Name Is Love".

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my name is love i'm a son of a gun I'll take you dancin' and I'll get you drunk oh you'll really like me yea you'll think that I'm fun but i ride on a dog straight outta hell my name is... my name is love and here i come don't know when I'll get there but you'll know when I'm gone because I leave scars like a hollywood boulevard tattooed letter "L" on your forehead my name is... love my name is love and i'm a liar I look rather cozy cause I'm made out of fire baby but I'll burn you right between disease and desire with my my microwave lasers I'm a killer my name is... love my name is love and I'm a drug a ray of moonshine in a plastic cup I'll get you so high you won't remember where your from then I'll spin you so fast that you can't differentiate between below and above my name is... love

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