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Album: Commitment
White Knuckle Black Out






The horrors faced by a Vietnam Veteran trying to save his only child from repeating his experience

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Copy right 2001 - all rights reserved verse : Commemorate this empty place inside once so full of pride these nightmares call me I dream of the ones I left behind. That night fire filled the sky the blood of those who died soaked through my clothes covered my face and filled my eyes. bridge : I don't care, I don't feel, this gravel road where I live kills the pain inside. verse: In 68 I got my boots and gun what have I become? I can't take it back I traded my home for Vietnam. Deployed to the killing field these memories seem so real. I see the faces of every gook my bullets killed. "bridge" chorus : bleed with me I've given you all that I have to give carry me home what more do I have to live for I swear I buried my heart on hill 364 "bridge" verse : Stay down, Charlie's in the gate to move was a mistake the price that we paid I had to use my last grenade. That blast ripped its way inside, if it wasn't for my knife I'd be shot to hell. My bayonet saved my life "chorus" forever, boom written by Franz Schroering

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