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Redneck Southern Bride

Album: Seven
Neal Travis




Written and performed by Neal Travis

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Red Neck Southern Bride Written by: Neal Travis capo 2 Arpeggio: D g She the sunlight warming the place im layin in A d She’s the cool breeze blowing soft upon my skin D g She’s a sad old song that brings a tear into your eye A g a d Don’t be a fool; it’s just her gentle side…… Strum: Eeeee Chorus: D She can scream, yell, and raise a little hell g Punch a hole right through the wall A d Drink, fight go all night aint afraid of nothing at all g She may seem just a little bit mean but it’s just her country pride a She my genuine certified guaranteed bonafide g a d Redneck southern Bride D She’s got the heart of an angel but her g eyes are full of fire a She won’t chip or break a nail when she's d changing her own flat tire She’s get baked liked a country ham, g yeah my woman knows how to cook a g a d But of you get on her bad side she has a hell of a mean right hook Chorus D g She’s a little bit hard to handle but that’s alright with me A Cause when she’s got lovin on her mind d She gives me everything I need Chorus a She’s my genuine certified guaranteed bonifide G a d Redneck southern bride

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