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That's Who I Am

Album: Politically Incorrect
Jordan Doell






This is the 5th single from Jordan's Album

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That's who I am - Tebey Ottoh, Tim Nichols I'm a father in my baby's eyes, and I'm a brother, I have been all my life and I'm a husband, lover of my wife, yeah that's who I am. I'm a believer, in things that I can't see, and I'm a listener, to that voice inside of me and I'm a sinner, and praying on my knees, Yeah that's who I am. Chorus And I Like seeing things done right and my temper gets the best of me sometimes but I ain't too big to apologize, no. And sometimes I'm like talking to a wall, when you can't tell me nothing at all, but when I look you in the eye and I shake your hand, no you won't have to wonder where I stand, 'cause that's who I am. I'm a singer, when I play this guitar, and sometimes a drinker, sitting at a bar, and I'm a thinker, wondering why things are, yeah that's who I am. And I'm a loser, if I give up too soon, and I'm a liar, if I don't tell the truth, those are things that I try not to do, 'cause that's not who I am. Chorus Solo Chorus Yeah that's who I am, Lord Knows that's who I am

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