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Brittany's Song




Singer/Songwriter (Male)


Love song I wrote a year ago. THe song is on itunes currently

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Verse 1: Brittany you're beautiful, babe you're so amazing. Oh you're beautiful, you're wonderful. Verse 2: You sparkle and shine, like a diamond in the sky, oh babygirl you're wonderful. Oh Brittany; you're beautiful, you're my dream come true. Oh Brittany, I love you! With all my heart, and all my soul. With an unspoken love never ever dies. Bridge: So let me spread my wings; and fly away to you. Let me show you the many ways I love you. Oh I ooh! Verse 3: And like the Starry painting; you're breathtaking. Like the sapphire sky, like the sapphire sky. Bridge 2: And my love shines for you my love oooh. Verse 4: Maybe one day when life is kind; I will see you again and love'll shine. Yea my love shines, for you my love. Oh babe oooh! Oh Brittany; I love you! Forever! With an unspoken love, it's a gift from above.

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