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My New Favorite Song

Album: Don't Wonder
Angela Predhomme






A melodic, catchy song with a surf vibe. It will leave you humming the chorus!

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My New Favorite Song I’m just swimming in ecstasy Every time you pull me close Last night seems like a dream to me Here’s what I remember most We could hear that music playing loud out on the town Can’t recall the words, but darlin’, that’s my new favorite song (chorus) It went like doo doo doo… Doo doo doo… …my favorite song (verse 2) You’re front row for my fantasy You’re making it all unfold Last night it became clear to me You and I from the same mold And we were free and flying on the sound of that sweet song Oh it felt so good when you and I were singing along (chorus) It felt like doo doo doo… Doo doo doo… …my favorite song (bridge) Now that melody plays on and on in my head Taking me straight back to that charmed night that we had (break w/ hand claps) (repeat chorus) © 2011 Come Shine Music, SESAC; Jr. Flip Music, ASCAP

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