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Understand You Drive Me Crazy [Free-style]

Album: Single






You ever woke up in the morning, Just shaking? And you know that everything you dream was just faking You know that this life, It just keeps flaking, We getting little peels off until it feels right, But then again it aint right, We only had a little inside, Interior, Just a little feel in this hot ride. I just wanna get you right here beside me, Is that so bad Goddess? I say Oh God we, Just need to drift away, I dont know why, We try anymore but you know it's just right, Cuz it's fitting, What you did to me is really, Got down to depths of me, Say Im shitting myself out, I don't understand why I write this, Oh wait I didn't,I just got it Tyson[Types In] Get it? My Ricen[Writting], Got it? I got it killer. Me Im gonna get it on top, On top of this building. Just for you baby, You drive me crazy, And I dont understand it, I can make a whole nother planet, Off of my thoughts and my heart, and just give it to you, I said Mannnn, Baby girl.. You could give me, Some dream, And I would pursue it, Just for you and, I wanna keep you close, I dont understand why I keep it roast, But you know, We got to keep it hot, When it comes to you, I give it all I got, Only thing I got, Say this is mine 1 shot, And im never letting it go, Until we go POP I dont understand why I got a chore, But when It comes to you, It comes out right though, I know I got it all gold when it comes to you, I can even get the Platinum, Or even get it soiled, I got a little bit of land to stand on now, I dont understand, Why this little kid just grew up to a Man now But you know, You got me in the land now, And I promise, Im feeling like you Moses, Or the Mama, You got me? The reason this whole, Drama, even existed. I dont understand, But you getting to the depths of me, But I already told Yall and now Yall aint listening, But you know you keep crissing and crossing, I just keep hoping, and flissing, and flossing, I dont want to Understand why I got this Boss chick, But you know it's ok, Cuz you know she lawless. [I dont want to Need Ya, I cant Live My Life without Ya] Swear To God I Can't [And I dont want to Leave Ya, Cuz you know I couldn't make it without Ya] ......You know what... While I smoke this Weed, You get...... The highest in me, The highest Buil[Bill]..-ding in crimes, And Bet Us [Embed Us], I dont understand why I lie When it comes to you I always realize, that I open my eyes, You give me all the fucking truth, When i come in the booth, I just unloose, Cuz you know, You get me so uncooth, And i dont understand why the fuck I feel so Flue[Fly] But you know, You got me feeling sicker, I just wanna give you, Some cold old dicking, Serve it up, Get you feeling some type of way like the liquor, But you know, You could never do it, So you make up for it with the licking, I just wanna Flckra, I dont understand baby, But you know you was always born to drive me crazy

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