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J.A.M (Just A Man)

Album: I Love Me Too
Cameron Murdoch






From Cameron Murdoch's Debut EP "I Love Me Too"

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[Verse 1: Cameron Murdoch] Am I just like the other guys When the light hits me right am I not different? Double standards you're a victim of Patriarchy still my benefit I mean I act like I understand but Maybe I'm just ad-libbing I say I love you then I treat you like a second class citizen You say you love me but you're losing hope I just learn how to love you before I lose you [Chorus] I realize I'm just a man And you try to love me every way you can I'm gonna do you better if I get the chance If I don't I understand you understand I'm just a man, I'm just a man [Verse 2: Cameron Murdoch] I think I want to grow up I'm a grown as kid I swear I should be alone for stupid things that I did I'm a jerk and that's my habit that I'm trying to forget Working out my social issues theres a lot I admit I was born with the world in my hands, except I'm black Other than that It's not paid for a woman with a plan Other than waiting on a man Who doesn't even know what she has anyway [Chorus] [Bridge: Cameron Murdoch] It's okay Baby don't let him treat you any way If he do then he don't love you any way You know you can do better any day (repeat) [Verse 3: Ed Washington] Accept me flaws on all I will numb the pain like tylenol Girl I know you built these walls But did you know they're meant to fall? [Chorus]

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