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Jingle(for a commercial)

Album: Kill the Music Vol.1
The Blue Method






Sing along! You could also call this song "Be Ever Original", but we gave it it's title because it sounds like we're trying to sell Dr. Pepper! Haha. Anyway, it's a feel good tune to just make you sing, dance and be happy!

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I got a little somethin' for you all to see. I'm in a maze and tryin' to fing a way to be free. I'm in a constant struggle with the forces that be. I wanna feel that I'm just free to be me. Don't wanna fit the mold you made. Really don't care if I make your grade. CHORUS: Be ever original. I gotta know you are. (4x) I got a little somethin' for ya all to hear. I'm in a day where liars are revered as sincere. I gotta fight the pressure to follow all of my peers. I wanna feel that I've got no reason to fear. Can't be a part of the times that fade. Gotta live my life like a renegade. CHORUS: Be ever original. I gotta know you are(4x). Horn line break down. CHORUS w/ad-libs, out.

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