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Walked into a Whirlwind

Album: SomeThing for EveryOne
Lick and a Promise






Copyright April 2005 driving the highways from Boston to Cape Cod

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Walked into a whirlwind Better keep my eyes closed Grab her belt and follow her Got no idea where we go Playin’ with a lioness Thinkin’ she’s a pussycat Now I’m face down with her claws Rakin’ down my naked back Over and over and over and over again She goes the distance and I’m left without any wind. First time that I saw her Half-naked thru the bedroom door Thought I saw a flower Didn’t know she was a predator Got me in a tailspin Spinnin’ towards a crash I’ll be spread all over hell She’ll walk away with just a laugh. Over and over and over and over again When will I learn to stop keep jumpin’ head first right in? Walked into a whirlwind Got me in a tailspin Got her claws into my skin Feels so good it must be sin Playin with a lioness Never gonna’ catch my breath This is gonna’ be the best Gonna’ wind up such a mess The silence makes her happy The silence makes her sad When I’m listenin’ to the silence I know she’s got me bad (Repeats)

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