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Nuclear Jugulating [radio version]

Album: Nuclear Jugulating
Crypt of Insomnia






Short version lyric of radio version ____________ (War has come...) sides have lost how much it cost cross the line lose your last mind (Debris around...) inside in eyes you'll see a price annihilation all this truth be told [bridge:] nuclear... crushing, deadly horror thunder-bolts thought-executing fires nuclear... nobody live so long thought-executing fires nuclear... stand grave stone alone thought-executing fires nuclear... Shall never see former world thought-executing fires [chorus:] flying in a space look at earth "Jugulating" our home.. has come (Hate of Ghosts...) cold fear create last error date to change too late disintegrate (Swallow the World...) last chance it Space for Human Race the Ships fast pry but future die [bridge:] [chorus:] but to hell this moans We don't have not enough healthy cynicism no more deceive itself enemies will swallow of a dirt They will reap a harvest of coffins and season of a crosses we will be at war as before They will be at "Jugulating" sides have lost inside in eyes cross the line lose your last mind the Ships fast pry but future die to change too late disintegrate Nuclear Jugulating Nuclear Jugulating ...nuclear jugulating

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