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Album: Unreleased Demo
Kim June Johnson






A lighthearted, foot-tapping song about a girl getting into her car and driving away from a bad relationship. A true-blue Canadian tune. Won honorable Mentions in both The Greatlakes Songwriting Contest and the West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest.

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It was that open window And something aching in my head Something ain’t right when you can’t get out of bed It was that old, grey carpet And the phone call at 2am I can’t believe I fell for that again Goodbye baby It’s too soon for you to tell But I’ve learned my lesson well Wait and see Next time you think of me I’ll be half-way down the road to Calgary It was the rain on the driveway And you pulling out again It was the smell that was left on your skin It was the radio playing A broken-hearted little tune I packed my bags in the dreary afternoon Now I’m pulling onto the highway And the trees are blurring by And I hate to say it but there’s not one cloud left in the sky

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