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Signals ft. Kane (Official Video)

By: Dontae




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Baby girl ya views 'gon vary If you keep wasting time with these n****s that's temporary I guess that's why you keep one rolled and ya vision's blurry Ya ass like noon light up the sky, I pull up in a hurry Just let me know when you're ready I guess if you're ready These n****s just wanna f**k you, then f**k up, don't let 'em Can't do something different (mhm) I want a better living (aye) I just had a vision (uh) We just had some children (woah) Too deep (x3) But you know I keep it realer than real, and lose it when I see the fake, yeah, uh And you know I been waiting on ya but damn it how long could I want? (Just waiting on a signal) In the life of vibes, deciding, the wrongs and rights You either gonna win or lose One thing's for certain... The Mood Traumatized Men ain't yo specialty but you alive Are you dumb for always fighting for the one you like? Always fighting for them old times Ya ain't together so what he do he don't see as crimes And you scared to bring it up, girl you out yo mind Jazzy always tell you baby girl you out yo mind And I sit here jealous on the inside (jealous on the inside) Aye I sit here jealous (jealous on the inside) Jealous on the inside, woah woah So gimme a signal Gimme a signal What about me & you? Don't rush to choose I'm waiting on you Make ya move I'm waiting on you, baby (uh) So gimme a signal Restart let's bring right back to zero (aye, ok) Back when we was low (low) You was riding passenger Bad one, so I kept it smooth with ma vernacular 21, making 50k without a bachelors Might not seem like much but where I'm from girl that's spectacular Bob & weave the nay sayers ma cash going up I'm doing what I love Like Sponge Bob flipping with the spatula At least you see a nigga grind (work) that's what you like that's what I got And I feel you when you saying with other men you been through lots Waterfalls from ya eyes Broken heart, when he left in you the parking lot this gotta stop Got you fucked up like you ain't earn that spot (Aye) That shit got you hot Calm it down Throw the baggage baby woosaa I'll be ya only one you won't need nobody So gimme a signal (gimme a signal) Gimme a signal (gimme a signal) What about me & you? (what about me and you?) Don't rush to choose (don't rush to choose baby don't) I'm waiting on you (I'm waiting on you) Make ya move (make ya move) I'm waiting on you, baby So gimme a signal

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