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The Cost

Album: Just An Old Guitar
Perry Bonck






Being a Veteran myself I realized that there aren't any songs that pay honor to our "female" soldiers. So I wrote one. Hope you like it.

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Honey I miss you is how they all began Went on to say the days are long and I'm tired of all this sand I read your letters everyday they sure do make me smile I wish that I was holding you these thoughts they drive me wild You came home and then you left again now I miss you even more I barely make it through the day just wondering how you are Thank God for friends and family they help me make it through I can't believe your sacrifice I'm so proud of you (Chorus) The freedom that we have today well it comes at such a cost So many soldiers called to fight, so many soldiers lost Honor is expensive, are we prepared to pay The price it cost to live this life that we enjoy today I saw the car pull in the drive, the kids ran down the street When I saw the soldiers face my heart skipped a beat They told me that you gave your life and fought for what was right The kids asked is mommy coming home I said you wouldn't be tonight chorus

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