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Album: Svanhildür EP
Marika Che






Oh my heart knows What it can take And my bones know When they will break But time goes by, so slowly In my room I, I get lonely Heard the warnings I didn’t listen Was swept up in Your proposition I was quite, taken with you There’s just something about you I could have listened To the mumbles They said boys like You are trouble But what I liked then I still like now You’ve still got me I don’t know how I don’t know how On and on the game is played Forever to my dismay I wouldn’t have it another way Sometimes you’re good sometimes you misbehave Hey Plenty more fish In the sea But they do Nothing for me They’re not as good and as bad as you are Can’t save me now cause I’ve come too far I’ve come too far Come too far On and on the game is played It’s good sometimes, it’s bad somedays I don’t care what time will say If we were good or if we misbehaved Hey On and on the game is played Sometimes were good, sometimes we misbehave Hey Music & Lyrics copyright Marika Justad

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