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Leave a Light On




Indie Pop


Smooth, hypnotic pop tune with deep driving beat, a passionate lead vocal line and rich backup singing.

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Verse: There’s an ache that lingers when I open my eyes It holds on for a moment sometimes longer That feeling is you pulling gently on my heart On the corners of the edges like a hunger In that instant I wonder did I do right was it all right To leave you in the morning with my bags and my tears There are times when I feel your eyes in the dark They remind me of the reasons I held on for years Chorus: Leave a Light On, leave a light on leave it on Don’t you give up, oh won’t you hold on for me And I swear I’ll be back, I’ll be back baby Leave a light on, leave a light on, leave it on Verse: When we touched on that first night and you stayed through till first light I knew then I would never be alone Now I’ve wandered so far from that love that we made I know now, yes I know its time to come home Chorus Bridge: Did you wait, have faith, keep your heart true Or when I was gone, did you stumble upon, a reason to think we’re through And did she, make you believe, you needed something new But now you will know I can’t let you go I will fight for you Chorus

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