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I'm Wearing Black

Album: Don't Wonder
Angela Predhomme






Slow, sexy blues song with sultry vocals and great guitar work by Brett Lucas.

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I’m Wearing Black (feat. Brett Lucas) Heat wave swelters on Night cats start their prowl I’m doing up my hair Can’t wait to get there ‘Cause I’m ready now To feel your full-on power next to me (Chorus) I’m wearing black and I’m ready to see If you can crack my little coy mystery ‘Cause where I want you to be tonight Is cozy and close to me Shoulder straps so thin Hair falls on my skin Little make-up on It’s only you I want ‘Cause I’m ready now To let your full-on power conquer me (Repeat Chorus) (Bridge) Jazz beat driving Coinciding with my heart racing for you Time is flying Swirling by, My world is down to just us two (Instrumental verse) (repeat chorus 2x) © 2011 Come Shine Music, SESAC; Jr. Flip Music, ASCAP

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