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Picture Un-Perfect

Album: Picture Un-Perfect
Christen Sawyer




Written by Christen Sawyer, produced by Mark Oliverius (OMG Nashville).

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In a picture perfect world Simple boy meets simple girl: It's a fairytale romance But you and I are complicated In our own kinda ways, and It's so typical me Chorus: We're a mess of perfection A little collection Of wrongs that make it right It's work but it's worth it, Rough on the surface Just like a first kiss... Picture un-perfect Life ain't like on movie screens: Black and white romantice love scenes Oh no it ain't This is love without a script What you see is what you get Oh yeah (Chorus) I wanna wake up next to you I wanna wake up next to you I wanna wake up next to you No matter what we've both been through I wanna wake up next to you, ooh (Chorus)

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