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Album: The Quarterly Report EP






the 2nd single from T.JAY's new EP the Quarterly Report EP. Check it out at

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hook: all my people love it, how are they this into me hmm--cuz its prolly where I'm finna be That boy on stage that the bad girls came to see uh, call it pound polygamy Uh...if is where you wanna be Girl grab ya girlfriend and then follow me x2 verse1: girl you know u baaaaad, uh where you sheep at I mean sleep at, thought it when I peeped that you can tweet that, got like 14 bars lets grab a drank cuz I know you parched TeamOTM and you know I start me and a couple of my niggas bout to go real far uh, you can be my queen if you play your cards I'm talk bout diamonds for the queen of my heart but back to the subject hangin like a mullet taking things over the top like a muffin All the temptation is sorta like I'm Ruffin if you see that man wack then gon an B.B. Bluff him where his money at? fakin on his dummy act Empty out my pockets & I'll show you where the mummies at people used to think I was on my Doug Funny act now I got chips to get out where its sunny at verse2: To the second verse, skilled thats with no rehearse kill tracks--usually with no rebirth serial the truth - murder with the fruity loops God giving talent, asking what would T.Jay do I'm hella juicy juiced from Cal to Atlanta fool --I'm rare like white girls with booty too when it comes to hits trust me I make a few this time around I'm giving you something new in 11 with a new style, move it like a luau watchin me blow up, tick tock, BOOYOW On my future shit must be on the lookout Euros--My Niggas--Twitter--Few pounds don't think I can write enough, check the record I cant hear the hate its pardon that I beckon Get out the way I continue with the wreckan Put my chess play them checkahs verse 3: Yall be over there & over here we fresh to death x3 Needing much more cuz we taking nothin less naw it aint over coming back like Hova looking at my loose leaf I'm bout to turn it over put it on the mic then perform it at my shows like the fastest chick at school everybody yellin HO! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 AIIIGHHH! so many fans i'm bout to be Alrighhhht First outer space yeah I'm Russian with my fly watch my highlights---man I'm super bright we working and aint feelin what you finna be This is spring & summer watchin all the greenery hope they feelin you--I know they feelin me cuz all my people down to ride #polygamy

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