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Survive and Rise

Album: Center Stage
Waiting Room Reunion






Survive and Rise Verse 1 Survive and rise, stronger than the fight Keep the surprise right hook from the light While deep inside of me this instinct to survive is overwhelming I can find my way around the pride This burning sense, balanced on the fence Another word to make the fighting side more dense While all around I see reflections from a thousand watching eyes Oh I can find the strength to live the life Verse 2 Rehearse the line, prior to the act Rethink the stage, 'Cause there's no more turning back While looking down I see the footprints of a thousand lost souls And I can see they had nothing here to find I look above, open air and sky I see the sun yet I often wonder why While running fast I reach the moment where I feel there's nothing left And I seem to find there that God gives me a sign Chorus Survive and rise Bridge Every fall brings a moment to rise Every rise brings a chance to shine I wouldn't know what kind of life I had If I had never seen the evil kind Found strength when I needed it most Found hope in a graceful ghost Rise up to defend my ways Underneath an unholy host

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