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A LIFETIME OR TWO Traditional Country style (Copyrighted Library of Congress) Wave format. This is the first submission I made, and it is the one I desired to have placed into competition for the Keith Urban contest.

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A LIFETIME OR TWO I'm not alone, but I'm lonely And although I'm not sad I am blue I've done myself in but I'm not quite done I've still got one thing left to do And I'll get over you But it just might take a lifetime or two. I am not dumb, but I was stupid Yeah, I made a great big mistake I Left a lady for someone unworthy I came to my senses too late But I'll get over you BUT It just might take a lifetime or two Now I’m beside myself with worry And I just do not know what to do Cause when I left you - YOU found a new love SOMEONE WHO SWEARS HE’LL ALWAYS BE TRUE I wasn’t sane; I was crazy WASN’T ThinkinG RIGHT ONCE again I should have stayed - What a mess I have made YOU SAY WE CAN’T EVEN BE FRIENDS You said to get over you But it just may take a lifetime Think I’m gonna need some more time More than just another lifetime or two.

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