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New Vaccine


Indie Pop


An old love can be so destructive, but no matter how we try to let them go, its hard to actually do so. This video remarks on that struggle we all share in the form of trying to write the song, but everything getting in the way of actually being able to do so... all caused by the love who I can't "shake"... luckily, a new romance is able to calm the quake.

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If I look out the window I see you're not far behind me I can still see your shadows Ya your spotlight is blinding But I'm developing a new disease Ya it's kind of like hunger My head is heavy and my knees get weak When I get around her It's a long long road, if I go at it alone It's a drawn out tow from here When she's by my side I find, it gets easier I can walk, or run, and crawl Cause I'm not alone, this love Can carry half the burden She can lighten up the load. Ya it's a long long road. You were not enough, I couldn't go on like that forever. I was not enough we couldn't go on like that together. But she is just as tough as it was on us, So we just might be so much better. than we ever were. Ya you had my number You understood how to make me tick I would run through the yellows the traffic camera would take my picture. But I'm developing a new vaccine Ya she's kind of like sugar I know it tastes so bittersweet But I think it's for better.

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