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Midnight Poem

Album: THE. SUN. WILL. SHINE! demo album 2014




Contemporary/Soft Rock


Midnight Poem Sun goes down. Moon shines above. There isn't a sober thought in my head. Not one sober thought in my head. Streets are so beautiful, so colorful and powerful. My steps will take me somewhere far away; Far away through my delirium. But then she came along With some new song. No! Don't touch me! No! Don't touch me, please! Her game was spectacular, erotical and exotical; Naked bodies danced through the night. Passion strong as fire in her thighs. Black lace and wet skin; moaning was her song. Moon, you dusty bastard, look at me! Look at me and see what I've become! Since she came along With some new song. No! Don't shine on me! No! Don't shine on me, please! Just let me be. You're too much for me.

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