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Hand In Hand byThomas Young

Album: Iraq
Thomas Young






Well,my old Grandpa,he had his self a saw, So he headed to the bush,to get away from Grandma, This is where he went,when something got caught in his craw, And he'd starting cutting trees down,that was his flaw, But he could always use,a bit more firewood, For Grandma's old stove,he was doing good, This was Grandpa's way,of letting off some steam, And he could take his fishing pole,and go upstream, Chorus After a few hours of that,he would come around, As long as he didn't end up being drowned, And if he caught his self,a fish or two, He'd be in the good books,and that's good to, Bridge After a few hours passed,and he came home, He took Grandma into town,for an ice creme cone, That was her favorite, thing to do, And she forgot,all about feeling blue, And after that,she thought, she'd make a stew, From a venison roast,cause Grandpa had a few, He liked to get out,and hunt once in awhile, Seeing that big whitetail,would make him smile, Chorus+Bridge Well they had the same routine,for fifty years or so, They knew each other now,like a book don't you know, They had weathered all the storms,life could throw, They could pick each other up,when they were feeling low, They came thru the great depression,Hand In Hand, This time their life was,in its greatest demand, But they stood together,when they thought they were damned, They seen many ups and downs,and didn't know where they'd land, Chorus

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