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World's a Place

Album: Hatchet Blues
Mike Hallal Band




Funk/Groove & Soul Rock


Looka here, down there, tell me what we got It's a red pool, of her young blood, on a golden mall Outta nowhere, from the top floor, she just threw herself down Looked like a punk girl, with her blue hair, and a big nose ring You know the pain man, yeah the pain man, how great it's gotta be World's a place No matter what the race World's a place On her way up, to the jump down, did anybody see Did they look at her, at her black eyes, say she's just another freak Only 16, maybe 17, a lost white girl Did they look away, never feel the pain, baby musta felt The cops came, roped the floor off, took the body away And a mall crew, with a mop and broom, gonna clean up her remains Clean a red pool, of her young blood, on a golden mall

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