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Tired of the violence and negativity in our communities. Somebody has to step up and be a motivational inspiration for us. This song is straight from my heart and its dedicated to the kids in the hoods everywhere!! peace n love

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ONLY THE STRONG SURVIE 1ST Verse If I took you back, to the block to Linnhurst It would seem as if we had been hit wit a curse. Cause half the hood is dead, and yo its getting worst. Im tired of seeing my brothers in the back of a hearse. So I gotta spit the frustration out in every verse. Taking my kings out over money, drugs, and turfs. When is my people gone ever realize our worth? We kings and queens but we treat each other like dirt, And if we keep up at this rate, my predictions are scary. Half our men be gone- in jail or buried. Makes me think of the kids in the hoods everywhere. No money family struggling, but yo who cares. Chorus Only the strong survive everybody know. Growing up in the hood you gotta stay on your toes. When these haters come your way learn to throw them boes. You gone win some, lose some, that’s how it goes. Only the strong survives everybody knows Sometimes the life we live aint the life we chose. You gotta go for it all that’s what I propose. Just go for your dreams and shake off these hoes. 2nd Verse Sometimes it hurts to be doubted by your own. When you going thru the struggle feel like you alone. That’s when I found out my own is the only shoulders I can lean on. Seems like I reached for my dream for so long. It’s hard when they can’t see a star has been born. I be sitting up writing lyrics till the early morn. But who Ima get them to, yo who gone hear my songs? And it went on like that as these years went on. But then my confidence grew cause I knew my stuff was strong. But family come first now Im the head of the home. I was going to school, working, still trying to get on. The feeling I had felt so right it just couldn’t be wrong. I know the road to success can be real long But I keep my dream in mind and we keep moving on. Sometimes the streets of the D can be real cold. But only the strong survives everybody knows. Chorus Bridge Only the strong survive------aha When your living in this day and time(2x) Chorus copyright 2010

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