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Jonathan's Song




Singer/Songwriter (Male)


On March 3rd of this year my best friend, Jonathan Cresci suffered a tragic loss when his older brother was killed. I wrote this song for Jonathan in hopes that it woud help him through this painful time. Jonathan's other siblings Brian and Lori sing with me on this song.

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vs.1 It's a lonely place in my heart, empty inside. Not sure how I'll figure it out, losing you. vs.2 It's a lonely time in my heart, full of regret. I've spent lots of time thinking about, What I'll do without you. ch.1 Give me some hope. To keep me from drowning, drowning. From all that I am left here without. Keep me alive. Keep me from losing the part of your life left in mine. vs.3 In the lonely side of my heart, it's sinking in. I'm gonna have to live without. What I've known from knowing you. ch.2 For once in my life, I'm gonna get this right. Gonna live just one day at a time. This moment will pass, a new day has begun. And I'll let you be the sun.

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