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Made in the Shade

Album: No Black No White Just Bluez
Da Bluez Preacher






A song about selfishness

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Made in the Shade Verse 1: I think I see this time, if your all good then everyone's doing fine Don't pay no mind, don't walk that line, my brother can see I got no time Chorus: As long as you get paid, you think we've got it made in the shade Verse 2: You got to see, you can't believe, that you can't take this road with me I see right through, you can't be true, it's not about me it's all about you Chorus 2: As long as your ok, you think we've got it made in the shade. Verse 3: Just look around and you will find, that you exist with all mankind I pray my friend that you will end this selfish image that you send Chorus 3: That you will find a way to help us be made in the shade

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